Hurricane Harvey IP relief

Hurricane Harvey is affecting us all. Some more than others. In an effort to support the businesses affected in the greater Houston area, Dennemeyer is offering three months of free IP docketing services, three months of free U.S. trademark filing services and three months of free services to administer foreign patent filings.

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About us

Dennemeyer has over five decades of experience in delivering quality IP legal services in a wide spectrum of jurisdictions and IP management software. With offices on five continents and ten time zones, Dennemeyer is fully equipped to take on large-scale assignments while delivering unmatched local expertise. By using the synergies between Dennemeyer IP Solutions and our patent law firm Dennemeyer & Associates, we are able to provide the full range of legal and non-legal IP services, including: areas include patent, trademark and design maintenance, filing and prosecution, EP validations, PCT nationalizations, recordals, IP consulting and much more.