Webinar: International IP traps that can doom litigation

Join Dennemeyer for a discussion on Wednesday, February 13, at 12 p.m. with Jay Erstling, Of Counsel at Patterson Thuente IP and former Director of Office of the PCT. Erstling will share his experiences as an expert witness or consultant in several recent patent cases and discuss international IP traps

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International IP traps that can doom litigation 
Wednesday, February 13th at 12 p.m. CST 

Jay Erstling Of Counsel at Patterson Thuente IP

Jay Erstling is an important advisor to Patterson Thuente IP's clients who are doing business on an international scale, as well as those who are considering expanding into global markets. He provides a unique and valuable perspective gained through his career in international IP strategy and role in shaping international intellectual property law policy.

Cary Levitt US Chief Operating Officer at Dennemeyer Group

Cary Levitt is the US Chief Operating Officer for Dennemeyer Group, where he develops and implements strategies to exploit Dennemeyer’s extensive IP services. Cary Levitt’s 30 years of corporate experience ranges from the development of IP strategies, to forming strategic alliances.Cary Levitt speaks English and has been active in the field of IP since 1984. His area of expertise is in Chemistry, Engineering, Trademarks, Designs, and Patents.

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