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Empowering the VIP manager

Taking an active role in protecting innovation

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What we will discuss

In this live webinar, you will not only learn how your IP knowledge and skills can interact with and enhance your organization’s innovation process, but also how to sell this contribution to your colleagues in R&D, followed by a Q&A session:

  • Linking IP with Innovation: more than output capture
  • IP as an R&D enabler: pushing creativity, steering ideas, evolving value
  • IP in the market: enhancing customer relationships
  • From beginning to end: securing market position all the way
  • Q&A
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Our expert



Dr. Cornelia Peuser

Dr. Cornelia Peuser is a member of the Dennemeyer Consulting team, located in Munich. She holds a Ph.D. in Innovation Economics from the University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland, a Master’s degree in Social Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Hamburg. Dr. Peuser has over 10 years of experience in academia.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Dr. Cornelia Peuser at

You can also reach out to her via LinkedIn.

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