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Unitary Patents & The Unified Patent Court

With the upcoming Unitary Patent and associated Unified Patent Court (UPC), we will see a change in how Intellectual Property is protected throughout Europe.

Mr. Stéphane SPEICH (European Patent Attorney at Dennemeyer, Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney Patent litigation diploma (CEIPI)) has made a collection of all relevant legislation available in English, French & German languages so that everyone can access it easily and free of charge - download it today and make informed decisions for your business!



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Listen to a lively podcast episode about Unitary Patents and the UPC with Dr. Anthony Carlick, European Patent Attorney and Chartered Patent Attorney (UK) at Dennemeyer & Associates, and James Denner, Business Development Manager at the Dennemeyer Group.

The long-awaited Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court are just around the corner and promise to revolutionize the innovation scene in the EU.

On the runup to launch, patent owners and applicants need to consider all the options available to them and take immediate action to fulfill their filing strategies.

Discover the opportunities and challenges surrounding this groundbreaking development!

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