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Putting a price tag on your most valuable asset
Dr. Cornelia Peuser
Manager, Dennemeyer Consulting

Dr. Cornelia Peuser is a Manager in the Dennemeyer Consulting team, located in Munich.  Being an Innovation Economist by trade, she specializes in putting a price tag on your IP with Dennemeyer’s proven approach to IP Valuation.  Furthermore, she focuses her attention on the enablement of IP professionals as well as newcomers to the field.  

Cornelia holds a Ph.D. in Innovation Economics from Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland, as well as an Economics Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Hamburg, Germany.  She has longstanding experience in UK higher education and has been with Dennemeyer Consulting for over five years.

  • IP Valuation
  • Enablement
  • IP Operations
  • Public / governmental bodies and IP
Professional experience
  • IP consultant since 2018
  • >10 years experience in UK higher education
  • Industry experience in the pharmaceutical industry
Exemplary projects
  • Global charitable business support organization: Trademark portfolio valuation
  • Author of Dennemeyer study: “The Future of IP”
  • Government ministry:  Development of a one-stop shop IP support portal
  • Government ministry: Study on government support for IP in small / medium-sized enterprises
  • Transport industry, UAE: Develop a comprehensive IP Management incl. core IP processes
  • Med-tech:  Transformation of IP function
  • Adhesives and consumer goods: IP performance assessment and process improvement
  • Ph.D. thesis:  Emerging Innovation Systems in the Baltic States – A Patent Data Analysis
  • English, German