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Enno Bibow
Transforming IP into a business asset and extracting value from IP in support of the overall business strategy
Dr. Enno D. Bibow

Senior Manager, Dennemeyer Consulting

Dr. Enno D. Bibow has worked as an executive in different IP investment funds and industry in-house positions.

Enno holds a PhD in Quantum Computing from Grenoble University and a Master in Physics from Heidelberg University.  He is a European and French Patent Attorney.



  • IAM Strategy 300 - The World's Leading IP Strategists
  • Management of Intellectual Property, risk mitigation and valuation
  • Closing significant & complex IP commercialization transactions and partnerships
  • Intellectual Property laws & trends, enforcement and licensing
  • Building and leading teams of legal, technical and business experts
Professional experience
  • 4 years VP Business Development & Licensing for a sovereign patent fund
  • 2+ years in-house Director for IP Value Creation and Exploitation
  • 4 years Licensing Executive for a patent investment fund
  • 7 years in-house IP management and commercialization
  • 4 years patent drafting and prosecution in a law firm
  • 4 years in a research institute
  • 3 years as Lecturer at Université Paris Dauphine in Paris
Exemplary projects
  • Developed and implemented consortium initiatives for IP monetization while simultaneously managing reputational issues
  • Advocated for IP, notably with the public spheres and authorities
  • Defended successfully against incoming patent assertions
  • Captured licensing opportunities, built business cases, and delivered revenues
  • Structured business models combining IP licensing, product purchases/sales, and joint communications around IP
  • English, German, French