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Rositsa Karaliyska
IP Analyst, Dennemeyer Consulting

Rositsa Karaliyska is a member of the Dennemeyer Consulting team in Munich, Germany. She is a results-oriented IP professional with a strong background in IP law and management, skilled in strategically coordinating and maximizing the value of IP portfolios. She is committed to leveraging IP assets for sustainable business growth and competitive advantage, with a passion for technology-driven industries and a keen eye for portfolio optimization. Rositsa holds a bachelor’s degree in Management & Technology from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), as well as an LL.M. in IP law.

  • IP Strategy: alignment with business needs and company situation
  • IP Portfolio Management: maximizing asset value
  • IP Enforcement & Brand Protection: securing market shares
  • IP Intelligence: risk mitigation and business insights 
Professional experience
  • 4 years experience in IP Management and Law with market leaders in the aviation, chemistry and consumer goods industries
  • IP strategy development and implementation
  • Administrative IP management
Exemplary projects
  • Providing patent landscapes and deriving strategic insights from patent information, such as competitor benchmarking and business opportunities 
  • Setting up IP processes, e.g., the establishment of a new trademark clearance process for a company in the consumer goods industry
  • Monitoring of potential infringements and enforcement of IPRs on online marketplaces (e.g., on Amazon and through the Amazon APEX portal) 
  • Leading cross-functional stakeholder collaboration on IP matters
  • Supporting the implementation of an AI-based patent monitoring system

  • English, German, Russian