Webinar: Current State of the Patent Annuity Industry

What is the current state of the patent annuity industry? How does this affect you?

This webinar looks at the current state of the patent annuity industry and its implications. What can you do to protect your company's bottom line?

What You Will Discover

You will leave the webinar with:

  • Examination of the current patent annuity industry.
  • Potential impact on patent portfolio management. 
  • Suggestions on steps you should take.
  • Future implications for the industry. 

Leon Steinberg

Leon Steinberg is the Managing Director North America for the Dennemeyer Group. Leon has held a variety of other positions including Chairman of the Black Hills Group, CEO of Foundation IP, CEO of Intellevate, CEO of Meritas, President of Law and Politics Magazine (Super Lawyer). 

Leon is a lawyer by training and practiced for 15 years before entering the business world.  Leon is married with five children