European Patent Validation How to scale

Successfully going through the prosecution and grant stage has allowed you to obtain your European Patent (EP). Next step is to get it validated in each country where you seek protection, which involves time-consuming and burdensome translation formalities. Dennemeyer can take over and help you complete the procedures in one single instruction. 

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from our 4 Pillars of Success:
1. Digitalization with EP Validation App
2. Global network of law firms with local expertise
3. Quality service with clients as our focus
4. Flexible & integrated process for every client's needs

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Validation requirements are typically met within three months of the European grant date issued by the EPO.
For the most part, a validation entails filing Intellectual Property (IP) forms, performing any necessary translations,
paying official fees and fulfilling any additional requirement as prescribed by each country.

Your benefits
of our EP validation service

  • High-quality service – a team with a strong knowledge of IP
  • Direct validation in 15 contracting states to the EPC
  • Competitive fees – stable agent network granted by Dennemeyer's market strength
  • Simplicity – initiate validation through our EP Validation App
  • Improved convenience and security – Unified solutions
    possible thanks to integration with other Dennemeyer services
  • Trusted translators –  ensuring accuracy and cost-efficiency 


  • Fast reply time and accuracy
  • Single point of contact during the validation stage and beyond
  • High flexibility to adapt to clients' needs
  • Automated and optimized internal processes – Consistent quality, high responsiveness + ability to react to short-notice instructions
  • Law firm standards:
    o ISO 9001-certified for record-keeping 
    o Dedicated patent attorney throughout the process


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Our EPV-Expert team


Digital Product

Irene Corn
(IP Lawyer, AI product manager)

EP Validation App and customer facing digital products


Digital Operation

Mariia Parubets
(IP Lawyer & Manager)

EP Validation


Coordinator of
EPV Department

Ana Tobos
(Lawyer, Customer specialist)

Customer care and
service coordination

Our local law firm network
The longstanding EP Validation expertise of our patent attorneys and network. 


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Our 4 pillars of success 

An end-to-end service that tackles all the main points of validating an EP from four different approaches.

The EP Validation App

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Our law firm
Network and standards

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Client care
Customers are our focus

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Our process
Flexible and integrated

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Digitalization The EP Validation App

In this day and age, with businesses continually evolving, it is usually quicker and more convenient to interact with web-based applications overseen by teams of experts.

Online applications act as decision enablers by anticipating what information the user might need. We created our EP Validation App as part of our IP Lounge digital environment your single point of entry to all Dennemeyer services. All your subscriptions, tools and insights in one place.

  • Always at your fingertips
  • Easily create cost estimates
  • Send orders for validating EPs with just a few clicks
  • Profit from the adaption of EP Validation operations to suit a range of budgets

Your benefit
All this ensures greater financial predictability and on-demand initiation of the EP Validation process.


Our law firmNetwork and standards: Confidence in quality

Knowing that your validation partner is bound by the highest due care standard is the first step to protecting your IP rights with confidence. Our patent attorneys can directly carry out EP validations in 15 countries, while our local affiliates provide this service for all other territories adhering to the EPC.

  • The practice of patent attorneys according to the codes of conduct and quality standards
  • Dedicated patent attorney supervises case
  • Longstanding, stable agent network of local law firms (high-quality management standards)
  • Direct validation available for 15 contracting states
  • Excellence in translations prepared directly by local counsels or our trusted collaborator

Your benefit
We are a validation partner that goes above and beyond in the provision of services.


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Client care  Our customers are our focus

To ensure every case is handled with the utmost diligence and attention to detail, all instructions are dealt with the same way, subject to a standardized process that is:

  • Automated in our IP Management System (DIAMS iQ)
  • Documented in our Quality Management System (ISO9001:2015)
  • Integrated with our other services and departments (e.g., annuities, recordals)

Your benefit

We maintain our standards throughout every project.

Our process Flexible and integrated

We adopt a flexible approach to tailor the EP validation process to the client's individual needs.

Additionally, the EP Validations service's operational process aims to limit the frequency of communications by email with a fast reaction to client requests. Responsiveness to client inquiries is, according to a survey we ran at the end of 2020, the forte of our IP specialists.

Lastly, we try to alleviate the paperwork burden on your side by keeping the bibliographical and patent data provided in any validation instruction to a minimum (e.g., application number, designated states).

We can make accommodations in
  • Sending hard copies of official filing receipts
  • The content of both the validation report and invoice
  • Copies of translations as filed

Your benefit
You have more time for other essential tasks.


Seamless integration

Benefit from the synergies of our services. There are optional activities that can be integrated into the EP Validation workflow to the same extent as the preceding filing and prosecution stages.

  • PSA (Patent Annuities) – Reduces the volume of correspondence for clients. This results in less time spent on email handling and a reduced task for in-house staff.
  • Prosecution – Same lead patent attorney assigned for both services.
    More efficient transition between the two phases of the EP lifecycle.
  • Filing  – Similar processes implemented. Same communication and reporting concepts apply -> less administrative burden for the client.
  • Recordals – When portfolios are transferred, related documents need to be filed in front of the EPO and / or national patent offices.

Your benefit
The integration with other patent-related services reduces workload and improves security.