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Small business owners and start-up companies have IP topics that keep them up at night. From risk mitigation to monetization and more, your brand, its value, and its recognition must be protected. Join our panel of IP experts in an engaging discussion about the dynamic landscape of intellectual property and answer the burning questions to help you get a good night’s rest.

Our Experts

Nicole Scherman

Senior Business Development Manager

Nicole Scherman is a seasoned IP expert with a collective experience spanning over 25 years in business development, account management, and consultancy. Since starting with Dennemeyer in 2010, she has been a trusted advisor to her clients and has helped some of the largest US-based brands manage their IP portfolios in the most effective way possible. She has done this by learning about her clients' unique opportunities and challenges and creating custom solutions to meet their needs.

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Michael Bozzano

Business Development Manager

Michael Bozzano has over two decades of experience in the intellectual property space. He has been recognized for his deep knowledge and insights into all aspects of IP portfolio management, emphasizing innovation, R&D, and IP protection. Since starting with Dennemeyer in 2021, Michael has played a pivotal role in advising his clients on safeguarding their innovations and brands in the most efficient and cost-effective manner while empowering them with IPMS software solutions.

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Erin Shaw

Business Development Manager

Erin Shaw manages the small market in the United States. In her 18 months with Dennemeyer, she has learned to assist small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups in overcoming common challenges related to the management and protection of their patent and trademark portfolios.

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