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Upgrade your IP management 

Manage every detail and life cycle of your Intellectual Property with DIAMS iQ — a modern IP management software developed to support all your IP management needs.

Ease of use: 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Mail merge designer
  • Easy-to-use configurable search
  • Modular blueprint
  • Integrated process guide creator
  • Asset and stand-alone modules

Top features

  • Comprehensive Document Management System (DMS), with version control capability
  • Up-to-date information on trademark, patent and design conventions 
  • Powerful reporting tool
  • Configurable non-prosecution matters
  • Integrated Audit Log tool
Due dates calculation

DIAMS iQ will automatically calculate due dates based on each country Dennemeyer has listed or according to the rules stipulated by the client.


The IP management software functions as both a fully grown document management system (DMS) and an automatic data audit function for record updates.

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