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Our podcast explores various topics around patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs. 
In every episode, we talk with experts and decision-makers in the IP industry,
getting their insights into hot topics, trends and challenges.


Industry trends: patenting activity in the 21st century 

with Kim Swanson, Head of Commercial - Americas and Philip Cartlidge, Senior Business Development Manager

The last twenty years have seen the emergence of incredible new technologies, a renewed focus on sustainable solutions and some notable economic fluctuations. A new study from Dennemeyer traces the ups and downs of patenting activity across eight touchstone industries to analyze the continuing state of innovation around the world. Explore a few of the highlights of this report to uncover the lessons history has to offer and what these trends might mean for the future.


Technology in the 21st century
Innovation trends since 2000

The Intellectual Property (IP) sector has time and again demonstrated its resilient and propitious nature, even under the harshest of circumstances. In 2021, around 3.4 million patent applications were filed worldwide, a 3.6% increase on the previous year. Such growth testifies to the continuing pace of innovation and the importance of the patent system despite global setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent business disruption.

Download the report here! 



Green patents: indicators of sustainable innovation

with Peter Erdödy, Global Head of Dennemeyer Octimine and Tom Bosseler, Junior Product Manager at Dennemeyer

How can patents be "green?" What can a portfolio contribute to sustainability ambitions, and who sets the rules and standards? Join us as we shed light on these issues and more in an exploration of future business demands and current responsibilities. Learn about the crucial part environmentally aligned IP portfolios will play in commercial success and what IP owners can do to recognize and expand their sustainability potential.


Future IP management: a story of IP transformation

with Aron Dag Schermaul, General Counsel at tesa and Brigitte Baldi, Senior Manager at Dennemeyer Consulting

Being innovative – and competitive – means never standing still. But breaking old habits and adapting to new processes and technologies can seem like an added burden. The truth is another story: An IP transformation project can be faster – and easier – than you might expect. Join us for a first-hand account of how to shake up your IP function and the impact it can have on the future of your IP management.


The truth about working in IP

with Linzi Ronald, HR Development Partner at the Dennemeyer Group and Clemens Meikis
Senior Consultant, Chief Operating Officer Recruitment for Omega Consulting Group

What is it really like to work within the IP industry? How can you get started, and where can you go? We take a look at how the sector carries out recruiting post-pandemic and how employees can develop professionally with an IP service provider like Dennemeyer. Also, find out about Europe's premier IP job fair, 'IP Career,' hosted next year by Omega in Munich.


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Unitary Patents and the UPC

with Dr. Anthony Carlick, European Patent Attorney and Chartered Patent Attorney (UK) at Dennemeyer & Associates, and James Denner, Business Development Manager at the Dennemeyer Group

The long-awaited Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court are just around the corner and promise to revolutionize the innovation scene in the EU. On the runup to launch, patent owners and applicants need to consider all the options available to them and take immediate action to fulfill their filing strategies. Discover the opportunities and challenges surrounding this groundbreaking development!


IP strategy and procedural needs

with Dr. Robert Fichter, Managing Director at Dennemeyer & Associates, and Tobias Diebold, Chief Commercial Officer at the Dennemeyer Group (CEO since July 1, 2022)

IP can be a powerful tool for organizations of every kind, but only if managed correctly. A solid IP strategy should be aligned with business objectives and tailored to a company's specific needs, but does IP inform commercial concerns, or is it the other way around? Tune in to find out the answer to this question and much, much more!


Patent renewals: management and strategy

with Julia Hermann, Product Manager IP Solutions, and Laurence Hodgson, Patent Annuity Specialist

Managing patent renewals can be an administrative burden, especially when you are maintaining an extensive portfolio in multiple jurisdictions: Different rules on dates, grace periods and fees, as well as unique organizational practices complicate the process. This new episode is chock-full of great strategies for maintaining patent portfolios and tips on keeping your patents in top shape.


COVID-19 and the digitalization of Intellectual Property  

with Dr. Cornelia Peuser, Senior Consultant and Sean Hunter, Marketing Manager

Despite its general acknowledgment, digitalization has been far from a uniform trend. In this new podcast, our experts discuss the implications that the COVID-19 pandemic will have on future developments in the IP sector and how the pandemic has created new digitalization pressures and exacerbated existing ones.


AI inventorship and machine learning  
with Steven M. Shape and
Dr. Matthias Pötzl

Artificial intelligence is moving from the realm of science fiction into everyday life. Patent law, however, has been hit with questions about who qualifies as an "inventor" and whether these AI systems can fulfill this role traditionally held by human beings.

Tune in for a lively discussion on this topic and many more with two of our IP experts!


The evolution of an IP manager

Who is this new IP manager needed to comprehensively manage organizations' IP and tackle the challenges that come with IP's growing weight? Dr. Cornelia Peuser and Alexander Gangnus break down and discuss these facets and what "languages" need to be spoken to interpret and address them.

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