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Upcoming Dennemeyer events and webinars

Have a look at our upcoming events and webinars. Meet our colleagues all over the world, listen to interesting speakers and sign up for webinars.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Meet us at the following events, and do not miss our speaker sessions.


TRIZfest 2023 
Bengaluru, India | September 14-17, 2023

The 18th MATRIZ Conference "TRIZfest 2023" will be held in Bengaluru, India in September. This year's theme is "TRIZ for Sustenance and Innovation". We look forward to meeting TRIZ professionals and learning more about TRIZ at this conference.
Meet the team:
Rahul Nigam, Business Development Manager
Gaurav Giri, Business Development Manager
logo marques

Marques Annual Conference
Berlin, Germany | September 19-22, 2023

Attendees: Vanja Nedimovic, Anna Falter, Thorsten Nagl
London IP Week Logo

London IP Week
London, UK | September 25-26, 2023

Attendees: Philip Cartlidge, Mo Naqvi, Razvan Stana
Speaker: Peter Erdödy

WTR Live
New York, NY | September 27-28, 2023

Attendees: Nicole Scherman, Matt Coyle, Victoria Friedman
GRUR logo

GRUR Annual Meeting
Mannheim, Germany | September 27-29, 2023

Attendees: Christoph Klamp, Herbert Schmidt, Markus Meiler
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Denver, CO | October 1-3, 2023

Attendees: Tanner Webb, Erin Shaw
PTMG logo

PTMG Autumn 
Athens, Greece | October 4-7, 2023

Attendees: Laura Suciu, Tomislav Hadzija
les israel event logo

LES Israel
Jerusalem, Israel | October 10-11, 2023

Attendees: Stéphane Speich, Herbert Schmidt

Speaker: Peter Erdödy

2023 KCA Annual Conference
Gold Coast, Australia | October 11-12, 2023

Take your innovation to the next step! This year's KCA Annual Conference is themed "Innovation to Adoption: Delivering Real Impact". Our colleague looks forward to meeting with international and national participants at this highly-anticipated conference.
Paul Robu, Business Development Manager

Technology Patent Network
San Francisco, CA | October 11-12, 2023

Attendees: Stephen Goff, Matthew Frazier 
Speaker: Victoria Friedman 
Topic: Diversity & Inclusion 
IPIC Photo

Winnipeg, Manitoba | October 11-13, 2023

Attendees: Ephraim Gal & Vanja Nedimovic
IPMI Logo-1

Coconut Point, FL | October 15-17, 2023

Attendees: Nicole Scherman, Michael Bozzano
Speaker: Victoria Friedman
Topic: Effectively Managing your International IP Portfolio

Chicago, IL | October 15-17, 2023

Attendees: Kim Swanson, Tanner Webb
AIPPI logo

AIPPI World Congress 
Istanbul, Turkey | October 22-25, 2023

Attendees: Robyn Merry
Centerforce Logo

Centerforce- IP Strategy Series West Coast
 Palo Alto, CA |
October 25, 2023

Attendees: Stephen Goff, Tanner Webb
Speaker: Victoria Friedman
Topic: Managing your International IP Portfolio
vpp logo

VPP Herbstfachtagung
 Ulm, Germany |
October 26-27, 2023

Attendees: Zeynep Aydin-Reis, Herbert Schmidt
Centerforce Logo

Centerforce- IP Strategy Series East Coast
 New York |
November 1, 2023

Attendees: Nicole Scherman, Matt Coyle
Speaker: Victoria Friedman
Topic: Managing your International IP Portfolio
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IP Service World
Munich, Germany | November 20-21, 2023

Attendees: tbd
Speakers: tbd

 Santa Clara, CA |
November 15, 2023

Attendees: Stephen Goff, Erin Shaw 

2023 China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit
Beijing, China | December 7-8, 2023

CIPIS is one of the most influential IP industry events in the Asia-pacific region. Held in China for the 16th time, this year's theme is "Global Vision-China Focus". Don't miss the chance to meet with Dennemeyer experts at our exhibition booth.
Meet the team:
Shuai Cao, Managing Director
Young Yang, Business Development Manager
Jayden Wang, Business Development Manager


Register for our next webinars, and do not miss the chance to learn from our experts.

Unitary Patent & UPC

Are you ready for the sunrise period? Preparing for Unitary Patent & UPC

The three-month sunrise period preceding the entry into force of the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC) is planned for March 2023 and provides a cushion to prepare for this significant change. In this webinar, our experts give you more insights about your options:

What we discussed

  • Overview of the upcoming changes the UPC brings
  • Presentation of how Dennmeyer can support you
  • Answers to questions asked by livewebinar participants
Patent Analysis

Patent Analysis:
A step-by-step approach for business-relevant insights

Understanding your own and 3rd party patent portfolios is essential for good strategic IP management. The analysis of large patent portfolios requires different approaches compared to legal attorney opinions provided for a limited number of cases only.

What we discussed

  • Why is patent portfolio analysis key?
  • Stepwise approach – a journey from observations to business insights
  • Landscaping
  • Advanced analytics
  • True insights & benchmarks

How Intellectual Property contributes to your sustainability goals

Find out how to make IP a sustainability driver in your organization, get new leverage in raising IP awareness based on the importance of sustainability and learn how to raise your IP’s value by emphasizing its impact.

What we discussed

  • What is sustainability? How does IP contribute to it?
  • How to foster sustainable innovations
  • How to shape a sustainable IP portfolio
  • How to run a sustainable IP organization
  • How to maximize IP value through sustainability


Expand your VIP journey by accessing a wealth of pre-recorded webinars 

From discussing growing trends in AI to exploring patent portfolio analyses, we got you covered with a catalog of webinars and panel discussions.

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Future IP management: a story of IP transformation
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Being innovative – and competitive – means never standing still. But breaking old habits and adapting to new processes and technologies can seem like an added burden. The truth is another story: An IP transformation project can be faster – and easier – than you might expect. Join us for a first-hand account of how to shake up your IP function and the impact it can have on the future of your IP management.

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