The ultimate guide to patent renewals

We all know how confusing and stressful it is to maintain a patent portfolio. With 60 years of experience in Intellectual Property management, we have created an easy-to-read guide on the critical issues that surround patent renewals so that you can build value while minimizing stress.


Key to IP

Let's talk about Intellectual Property

Listen to a lively podcast episode about patent renewals and strategies for maintaining patent portfolios with two key players at the Dennemeyer Group, Julia Hermann, Product Manager IP Solutions, and Laurence Hodgson, Patent Annuity Specialist.


  • Why do patents need to be renewed?

  • How are patents renewed, and why can the process be complex?

  • Managing patent renewals

  • Four steps to patent renewal peace of mind

Head to our podcast page and discover many more exciting topics around patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs.

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