Patent Renewals Service

Feeling pressure to keep up with your company's patent maintenance fees?

We can help. Dennemeyer's Patent Renewals Service removes the difficulty and unpredictability of handling patent maintenance fees while protecting the assets that form the core of your company, helping you maximize its value.

  • Flat and transparent costs

  • Easy 4-step renewal process
  • Fast & secure data transfer

  • Free online portal access 


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Benefit from our preferential rates

By partnering with Dennemeyer to pay your patent maintenance fees, your organization gains access to our global reach, outstanding economies of scale, preferential rates, optimized workflows, and the full bandwidth of support that only a full-service provider can offer. 



Dennemeyer Manages your Patent Renewals in four easy steps 

1. Renewal Notice is sent out

A list of upcoming renewals, due dates and estimated fees

2. Client instructions received 

Client replies to the Action Notice with instructions

3. Invoice is sent out to client  

Invoice is sent out to clients for cases to be paid

4. Payment of the renewal is performed

Official receipt is available to clients once received 


Streamline the process

  • We act as a single gateway to all PTOs
  • Trusted, audited, global agent network 
  • Flat service fee that includes all maintenance services and data entries 
  • Automatic renewal date calculation and regular country law updates
  • Seamless transfer of client data from any source 
  • Complimentary, secure around-the-clock online access to our web-based Portfolio Management App 
  • Electronic data health checks of patent data
  • Electronic receipts and reports 

Gain access to our Patent Portfolio Management App 


Implement trusted patent renewal payments


Flat & transparent costs

Competitive, flat service fees including data entry, maintenance & plausibility checks. Reporting & portal access with transparent portfolio management & cost forecasts available on the App. 


Fast & secure data transfer

Numerous interfaces with IP docketing systems enable a fast and secure data transfer from almost any source with plausibility checks performed to ensure data accuracy.


Free portal access

Review your patent portfolio, perform searches, obtain cost estimates & create custom reports using our Portfolio Management App. Payment instructions can be entered easily & are sent directly to  professionals.

Discover 20 - 30% in potential savings!

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IP Management System

Combine Dennemeyer's Patent Renewals service with our IP management software DIAMS iQ and benefit from our full range of capabilities. Never worry about your patent renewals again! DIAMS iQ can be easily customized or scaled to meet any organization's unique needs.