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Do you want to minimize risks and reduce administrative costs in the process of transferring your IP rights? The legal experts of Dennemeyer & Associates are here to help you throughout the entire procedure.


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Keeping your files up to date

Dennemeyer & Associates developed a reliable and easy procedure to undertake IP recordals (for assignments or mergers, change in ownership, change of name and/or address, entry of licensing agreements, availability of license and mortgages) with the utmost diligence.

  • Cost-efficient and transparent pricing
  • IP professionals with global expertise
  • Signature-ready powers of attorney & standard forms
  • Simplicity! One gateway for over 180 jurisdictions 
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Helping IP professionals work more efficiently

If a transfer of ownership has not been promptly recorded a misconception might arise as to the identity of the actual owner which might lead to a possible loss of rights. We take care of your Intellectual Property rights (IPR) along their entire lifecycle. When changes need to be made, Dennemeyer's Recordals Service is fast, reliable and cost-efficient, no matter in which jurisdiction you need it.  

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How it works  

Managing your IP recordals is a four step process

Quote Preparation

We collect all necessary recordal information and prepare a quotation, based on your needs and requirements.

Communication with Agents

Required documents are then submitted to the local agents and the corresponding PTOs (Patent and Trademark Offices).

Data Collection and Preparation

Our experts prepare all required documents such as powers of attorney and standard forms for assignments. Legalization and translation services are available through our global network of agents. Dennemeyer and Associates’ team of Intellectual Property attorneys can draft assignment agreements or declarations on your behalf, if requested.

Dispatching of Official Records

Finally, after the assignment is complete and the official certificate is received, we will forward it along with the final report of the recordal project. Invoices, including official and service fees, are issued and sent either electronically or via hard copy.

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Why Dennemeyer? 

Benefits of our IP Recordals Service 

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Streamlined Efficiency 

Our four step procedure guarantees maximum workflow efficiency and keeps our clients constantly informed throughout the entire procedure


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Proper documentation at hand

We are ready with prepared powers of attorney and declarations when such measures are required.


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Outsourcing - reliable and transparent 

Employing Dennemeyer’s Recordals service relieves you from dealing with administrative tasks and offers you precise cost estimates.


Global Service for Designs, Patents and Trademarks

Employing Dennemeyer’s Recordals service relieves you from dealing with the administrative tasks associated with complex documentation, legal procedures across international jurisdictions and offers precise cost estimates. It also leverages our worldwide representation through an established network of local representatives. If you want to be on the safe side and reduce your costs in the process of design, patent and trademark assignment work, our team of experts are here to help.  

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