The easy way to stay one step ahead
Octimine Monitor

Discover trends as they evolve and stay ahead of the innovation curve with our comprehensive patent and technology monitoring software

In a nutshell

  • Simple and fast set-up for recurring and automated searches

  • Combines the power of classic keyword searches with AI-based contextual recognition methods

  • Train your very own deep-learning-enhanced AI assistant that continuously learns from your feedback

  • Easy to integrate into existing business structures, helping you streamline communication, collaboration and workflows


Cut through the fog of new patent publications

Octimine's monitoring software is user-friendly, even without professional knowledge or search experience.
Its intuitive interface delivers thorough insights at lightning speed to anyone interested in technological progress.

IP teams of any size

Combines classic and AI-driven search methods for precise results and quick insights to be shared with and worked on by anyone in your organization


R&D departments

Fast and efficient integration of IP information throughout your invention process helps you to focus on what really matters:
being innovative

Law Firms

Complete your service portfolio with keen publication reports, all while reducing administrative workloads and continuing to assist your clients


Understand how your research fields are evolving and which companies are getting involved to quickly identify possible licensing or cooperation partners

Why Octimine?

Stop wasting your time...
With our intelligent prioritization, a once time-consuming task is condensed into mere minutes to take the strain and hassle out of your periodic patent assessments

...and frustrating your colleagues
No more need to send emails with links or pdfs with tasks that are laborious to compose and even more bother to respond to - do it all directly in Octimine 

Break down barriers
Being able to employ an AI system as your personal watchdog is changing the face of patent monitoring - making relevant IP information accessible to anyone 

Reduce your risks instantly
Are you monitoring your competitors and relevant technology classes? You could be missing out! Combine classical Boolean monitoring with modern deep-learning processes to get the full picture

How can Octimine enhance your IP workflows?

It takes three simple steps to set up a personalized AI-based assistant that keeps you up to date on the global patent publications that are truly relevant to you. With Octimine's easy-to-use collaboration features, you can share your findings directly with team members or delegate assessments to subject-matter experts to make cross-functional IP efforts a company success.

About Octimine

Dennemeyer Octimine is an innovative company in the field of IP analysis. Backed by an outstanding team of former Max Planck Institute and LMU Munich researchers, Octimine’s solutions are at the cutting edge of text- and patent analysis.

Octimine's internally developed semantic text analytics and machine-learning methods enable customers to retrieve searches of the utmost quality at record-breaking speed. In October 2018, the company was acquired by the Dennemeyer IP Group, one of the leading full-service providers in the IP industry.