Patent search made easy
Artificial intelligence meets patent data

Discover the world of innovation at high speed with 70% increased result quality compared to classic searches. 

In a nutshell

  • Easy and fast full-text search based on any technical text or patent number

  • Combining the power of classic keyword search with modern methods supporting 
    AI-based context recognition of texts 

  • Intelligent similarity index automatically ranks results by relevance

  • Interactive visualizations that give you deep insights into the patent landscape
    using our state-of-the-art advanced analytics

Octimine Monitor

Discover trends as they evolve and stay ahead of the innovation curve with our comprehensive patent and technology monitoring software

Patent search & analytics at lightning speed

Octimine's search software is easy to use, even without professional knowledge or search experience.
Its intuitive full text search approach provides anyone interested in technological progress with thorough insights in no time.

IP teams of any size

Combining classic and AI-driven search methods for precise results and fast insights to be shared and worked on with anyone in your organization


R&D departments

Fast and easy integration of IP information all along your invention process helps you to focus on what really matters:
being innovative

Law Firms

Complete your services with insightful market researches, assist your clients in the invention process and reduce administrative time at once


In-depth market and technology insights at lightning speed via smart and easy-to-use searches and anlyses which also help you identify potential licensing partners

6 reasons to use Octimine

Prior art searches
Identify prior art quickly to e.g. analyze invention disclosures or for litigation purposes

Freedom to operate
Conduct or support freedom to operate and invalidity searches

Explore new technology trends and bring in your ideas for new inventions

Identify potential licensing partners to make the most of your patent portfolio

Verification & risk reduction
Quickly perform quality checks on third party patent searches or on Boolean searches

Market research
Observe technology fields & applicants to keep track of the latest trends 

Octimine supports you in any aspect of innovation

Innovation & Ideation
  • Explore new technology trends and bring in your ideas for new inventions
  • Observe technology fields & applicants to keep track of the latest trends 
  • Streamline inventions based on existing patent landscape to increase patentability
  • Reduce risks when filing
  • Improve drafting quality through a better overview of the existing patent landscape
  • More efficient responses to patent offices 

IP strategy
  • Identify potential new competitors or partners
  • Assess portfolios of players in the field using our advanced analytics
  • Detect trends in your technological field
  • Oppositions / litigations

How Octimine can enhance any patent search

AI-driven patent search
Find similar patents
easily with contextual full text search

  • Simply enter a full-text technology description to retrieve the most similar patents
  • Start your search without worrying about keywords, operators or classifications
  • Get results in just one click
  • Use our built-in similarity ranking to identify the most relevant patents 
MicrosoftTeams-image (98)-1

2 step AI-based search engine with easy full text search and automatic extraction of the context

Effortless refinement
Deep insights through interactive analytics visualizations

  • Understand the patent landscape in no time
  • Drill down on what is relevant to you with just one click
  • Rely on our sophisticated, research-backed patent indicators for your deeper analysis
  • Automatic report generation and chart exports for external report integration
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Detailed dashboards with custom layouts and useful instant insights

Complement methods
Fine-tune your results by using multiple search methods

  • Integrated Boolean search with classic result filtering
  • Full-text search of patent numbers or free texts with AI support
  • Analyze intersections of all used methods
  • Access all patent information, such as full text, bibliographic, images within Octimine

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Convenient search result list with detail view and direct access to full public patent information

About Octimine

Dennemeyer Octimine is an innovative company in the field of IP analysis. Backed by an outstanding team of former Max Planck Institute and LMU Munich researchers, Octimine’s solutions are cutting-edge in the field of text and patent analysis.

Octimine's in-house-developed semantic text analytics and Machine Learning methods enable customers to retrieve unique quality searches at record-breaking speed. In October 2018, the company was acquired by the Dennemeyer IP Group, one of the leading full-service providers in the IP industry.