Whitepaper: Strategic patent portfolio analysis

Strategic Patent Portfolio Analysis

To support the understanding of a patent portfolio's absolute quality or strength, comparisons and benchmarks with other portfolios are crucial.

Get this complimentary whitepaper which presents how a stepwise approach to portfolio analytics can translate descriptive observations into more profound insights and conclusions.

Table of Contents
  • Abstract: Different approaches to analyzing large patent portfolios

  • Introduction: Determining methodology options

  • Patent data and information: Locating and visualizing bibliographic data for enhanced analysis

  • Landscape-type overviews: Generating an initial overviewg

  • Patent analytics: Make informed and strategic decisions in the course of patent research

  • Comparing results: An objective way to test portfolios

  • Summary: Continually develop your analytics skills

  • About the authors: Burkhard Josuhn-Kadner and Johannes Herbert


Our Authors

Burkhard Josuhn-Kadner
Burkhard Josuhn-Kadner
Senior Manager, Dennemeyer Consulting

Burkhard Josuhn-Kadner is a member of the Dennemeyer IP Consulting team in Munich with over 30 years of experience in Intellectual Property and R&D.

In his former executive positions at General Electric, Alstom and ABB, he managed sizeable industrial IP portfolios and led global IP, technology and engineering teams. The ongoing challenge to build strong patent portfolios with remarkable business impact based on limited budgets always required intelligent and innovative solutions. He shares his experience analyzing patent portfolios efficiently and how to derive different levels of insights and conclusions, including related visualization and communication.

Burkhard can be contacted at bjosuhn@dennemeyer.com or via LinkedIn.

Johannes Herbert
 Johannes Herbert
Manager, Dennemeyer Consulting

Johannes Herbert is a member of the Dennemeyer IP Consulting team in Munich and brings over 10 years of experience as a consultant.

In over 25 IP projects, he consulted companies from various industries regarding data sourcing, patent analytics and business intelligence topics. Johannes is a trusted expert in supporting clients with IP search strategies and time- and cost-efficient IP search and monitoring workflows. Due to his former positions on the provider side, he is highly familiar with the market of software solutions for IP research and analytics.

Johannes can be contacted at jherbert@dennemeyer.com or via LinkedIn.