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The Green Patent Indicator

Find your competitive edge and join the forefront of sustainability as you explore the latest trends, cutting-edge methodologies and actionable strategies. Discover how green patents can attract investors, enhance brand reputation and align your business with the global movement toward a cleaner, greener tomorrow.
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Let's talk about Intellectual Property

Listen to a lively podcast episode about "Green patents: indicators of sustainable innovation" with Peter Erdödy, Global Head of Dennemeyer Octimine and Tom Bosseler, Junior Product Manager at the Dennemeyer Group.


  • How can patents be "green?"

  • What can a portfolio contribute to sustainability ambitions, and who sets the rules and standards?

  • Future business demands and current responsibilities 

  • What can IP owners do to recognize and expand their sustainability potential?

Head to our podcast page and discover many more exciting topics around patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs.

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