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The ultimate video guide to Dennemeyer Octimine

The ultimate video guide to Dennemeyer Octimine

Octimine: The modern tool suite for comprehensive patent analysis

  • What is Octimine?
  • Who is Octimine designed for?

Applications of AI in patent practice: How AI makes patent analytics fast, easy, and more effective 

  • What are AI, machine learning, and deep learning?
  • How is AI used in patent searching?
  • How is AI used in Patent monitoring?
  • What is semantic search?
  • How does semantic monitoring work?

AI-assisted patent monitoring in law firms, R&D departments and small and medium enterprises

  • How can AI help law firms with patent practice? Overcoming misperceptions of AI in patent practice.
  • How can AI help R&D professionals and small or medium enterprises?
  • Use case examples

Octimine's API framework

  • How do other companies use Octimine's API?
  • What are the different data types Octimine provides?

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