Trademark Filing service

Protect your brand with confidence 

Filing a trademark application allows for the protection of your business identity even before you enter the market. Engaging professional support helps your organization develop faster without the administrative burden and high costs of doing it alone. Let Dennemeyer take care of your trademark filing process and expertly deal with any subsequent issues that might arise.

With 60 years of experience in the IP industry, we can provide:  

  • Worldwide trademark filing through an audited agent network  
  • Same-day bulk filings in multiple jurisdictions
  • Budget security with cost estimates for the whole process
  • Legal and strategic advice and regulatory compliance



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Filing a trademark application with the assistance of our IP experts:

  • Mitigates the likelihood of rejection or future opposition
  • Enables you to focus on developing your business without worrying about regional variances
  • Handles any matter that might develop during the life cycle of your marks


Dennemeyer manages your trademarks in six easy steps 

Prosecution & opposition


Help you manage the risk of worldwide trademark applications 

There are many options for filing a trademark: domestically, regionally or internationally through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Our experienced attorneys will advise you on the most efficient way to obtain suitable protection at the best price when you need truly global coverage for your trademarks.



Trademark protection

Dennemeyer offers strategic legal advice and comprehensive protection for your trademark portfolio across the world. We cover all aspects, from international registration and portfolio management to conflict resolution and enforcement.

Searches & Filing
Domain Protection
Trademark Monitoring
& Enforcement   
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Trademark Searches & Filing

Securing your business by filing trademark applications is crucial. Conduct a thorough trademark search to guarantee your trademark's uniqueness before filing. Dennemeyer provides expert support for both searches and filings, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

  • Detailed reporting: Receive opinion reports with in-depth information on detected applications, including owner details, risk analysis, possible actions and success probabilities.
  • Efficient screening: Only relevant cases are forwarded to you for review and further instruction, saving time and resources.
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Domain Protection

Digitalization has captured the world of trademarks, so combining online marketing with the right domain name is imperative. Stake a claim in the virtual universe to make sure your brands and trademarks receive the digital awareness they deserve.

  • Registrations and renewals
  • Attorney advice and negotiation of purchasing agreements
  • Representation in disputes (court actions and UDRP procedures, transfer or deletion of infringing domains)
  • Trademark Clearinghouse registrations, claims service 

Trademark Monitoring & Enforcement   

Keep a vigilant eye out for trademark infringements. Our global monitoring service tracks identical or similar trademarks, offers guidance and swiftly enforces actions as necessary, ensuring robust protection.

  • Global expertise: Our network delivers worldwide presence and far-reaching experience in trademark enforcement.
  • Comprehensive solutions: We offer a full spectrum of trademark enforcement services, from monitoring to litigation.
  • Legal proficiency: A team of legal professionals provides expert guidance throughout the enforcement process.
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Companies sometimes change their name or sell their IP assets. In either case, it is essential to keep IP offices up to date to be able to make use of the rights. However, complex administration in different countries is time-consuming and can often result in lapses.

  • Qualified, multilingual IP professionals with a proven global track record
  • Transparent pricing and cost efficiency thanks to streamlined workflows and economies of scale
  • Simplicity: one gateway for over 180 jurisdictions
  • Signature-ready powers of attorney and standard forms 


Global network with local offices 

With 13 offices worldwide, Dennemeyer & Associates understands the variances in national requirements and is able to support you in your language and in your time zone.

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Brand defense 101: Making the reactive active

The business landscape has never been as competitive as it is today, meaning a company's reputation among consumers is inseparable from its image and indispensable to its brand. Yet public opinion is a precarious commodity, highly susceptible to third-party interference.

Low-quality and dangerous knock-offs can dilute a positive consumer reception and even place a business's market standing at risk unless determined efforts are made to combat them. With imitation and counterfeit products on the rise, navigating the complexities of brand protection has never been more challenging or more necessary.