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With the entry into force of the Unitary Patent (UP) and the Unified Patent Court (UPC),
EP applicants are confronted with new choices that - while presenting great opportunities - also entail risks that should not be overlooked.

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Our European Patent attorneys will advise on which strategy to adopt:

  • Request an EP with unitary effect
  • Validate a classical EP 
  • Or a combination of both
Talk to us to find out what approach suits your needs.

Unitary Patent, European Patent Validations or both?

During the seven-year transitional period (extendable to 14) that starts from Germany´s ratification of the UPC agreement, EP applicants will have the following options:

  • Request unitary effect upon grant of an EP 
  • And / or validate their EP the “classic” way
Opt out from the UPC's jurisdiction (for specific or all patents (in bulk))

Discover your options for the sunrise period.

Remember: A combination of both options is possible, i.e., to request unitary effect for your EP while also validating the classical way in countries that are not covered by the Unitary Patent  (e.g., the United Kingdom, Switzerland or Spain).

Sunrise period

Once Germany ratifies the UPC Agreement, the so-called sunrise period of a minimum of three months starts.
During this period, Dennemeyer offers the following services:

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  • Opt-out individually or in bulk the EPs of your choice (published or already granted).
Benefit from our bulk opt-out discount during the sunrise period!

  • Request a delay in issuing the publication of the mention of grant of a European patent (Rule 71(3) EPC).

    ->  available from January 1, 2023 (despite the postponement of the sunrise period)

Ensure that the unitary effect of your EP patent shall be registered on day 1 of the UPC.

  • Request early unitary effect
    ->  available from January 1, 2023 (despite the postponement of the sunrise period)

Ensure that the unitary effect of your EP shall be required before the UPC starts.


The coexistence of the current EP validation (EPV) system with the new UP / UPC system
offer various strategic opportunities.


Keep your stars out

Keep your stars (i.e., most valuable patents) out of the UPC's jurisdiction. Opt out your most valuable EPs during the sunrise period.


Avoid central revocation.



Opt out some and leave in some of the stronger as well as the weaker patents for each product family. Pursue a hybrid approach that is more difficult to counter.


Effective dissuasion.


Wait and see

Opt out the entire portfolio for the time being and then choose the most appropriate battlefield (UPC or national courts) before initiating lawsuits.


No risk of central revocation, maximizes forum-shopping opportunities.


Increased visibility

Request (early) unitary effect for your patents, validate in EPC countries where operation is planned (e.g., the United Kingdom or Spain).


Scope over most EU territories at a reduced cost, a single pan-European action can be implemented.

Services à la carte


European Patent




“UPC opt-out"
(individual or in bulk)

Our experts can guide you through the options.

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Your benefits


Digital solution

A single digital portal to obtain cost estimates and place your orders for unitary effect requests, UPC opt-outs and / or EP validations.

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Our experts

Multilingual patent attorneys with the skills and qualifications (litigation certificate) to represent you for all actions before the UPC.

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European footprint

Representation in all EPC and UPC jurisdictions directly via our Dennemeyer offices and audited preferred agents.

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Digital solution 

Quick and intuitive processes.

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Our integration with the official UPC API allows our UPC team to quickly submit hundreds of opt-out requests to the UPC with just a few clicks.

Portfolio Management

Are you already a client of Dennemeyer for patent renewals?
Use our Portfolio Management App to select the EPs you want to opt out and request a cost estimate.


Effortlessly obtain a cost estimate and place your order to Dennemeyer for EP validation, a unitary effect request (including the requested translation) and / or an opt-out (individual opt-outs only).

Our Experts

Our European Patent attorneys have extensive experience in litigation
as well as European Patent Office opposition and appeal proceedings in a range of technical areas.
These skills will apply to pursuing litigation at the UPC.


Olga Capasso

Patent Attorney (IT, SM)
European Patent Attorney with Patent Litigation Certificate (CEIPI) 


Dr. Massimo Galluppi

European & Italian
Patent Attorney
Patent litigation diploma


Dr. Anthony Carlick

European Patent Attorney
Chartered Patent Attorney (UK) Patent Litigation Certificate (IPREG)


Dr. Paola Pace Napoleone
Patent Attorney (IT, SM)
European Patent Attorney
with Patent Litigation
Certificate (Politecnico di


Valeria Ghirardi

Patent Attorney (IT)
European Patent Attorney
with Patent Litigation
Certificate (Politecnico di


Dr. Mathieu Buchkremer

Patent Engineer


Elisa Turri

Patent Attorney (IT, SM)
European Patent Attorney
with Patent Litigation
Certificate (Politecnico di


Stéphane Speich 

Patent Attorney
(BE, LU, FR)
Patent Assessor (DE)
European Patent Attorney with Patent Litigation Certificate (CEIPI)

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European footprint 

We cover all EPC and UPC member states either directly through our offices or via our audited preferred agents.


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NEW EPISODE - Unitary Patents and the UPC

with Dr. Anthony Carlick, European Patent Attorney and Chartered Patent Attorney (UK) at Dennemeyer & Associates, and James Denner, Business Development Manager at the Dennemeyer Group

The long-awaited Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court are just around the corner and promise to revolutionize the innovation scene in the EU. On the runup to launch, patent owners and applicants need to consider all the options available to them and take immediate action to fulfill their filing strategies. Discover the opportunities and challenges surrounding this groundbreaking development!

White paper with the main FAQs


Your guide to the future of innovation in Europe

The European patent landscape is set to change – radically and quickly.

The upcoming Unitary Patent system and associated Unified Patent Court (UPC) have been the spring from which rivers of ink have flowed for several decades. This paper will address the most critical questions regarding Unitary Patents and the UPC to allow you to make the best-informed decisions for your business.

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Collection of relevant legislation

With the upcoming Unitary Patent and associated Unified Patent Court (UPC), we will see a change in how Intellectual Property is protected throughout Europe.

Mr. Stéphane SPEICH (European Patent Attorney at Dennemeyer, Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney Patent litigation diploma (CEIPI)) has made a collection of all relevant legislation available in English, French & German languages so that everyone can access it easily and free of charge - download it today and make informed decisions for your business!

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