Webinar: Why IP cannot be an M&A afterthought

Costly mistakes happen when intellectual property activity is a merger and acquisition (M&A) afterthought. This even occurs when intellectual property valuation is key to the M&A itself. This 30-min webinar will discuss how to contain costs for M&A intellectual property activity for a smoother transition. 

Also, discover tips to bring visibility to intellectual property processes into the M&A plans.

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Webinar: Why IP cannot be an M&A afterthought
Tue, February 27, 12:00pm CST or Wed, February 28, 2:00pm CST

Cary Levitt Chief Operating Officer, Dennemeyer & Co.
  • What is the IP activity before and after M&A and the obstacles
  • Key areas to control costs (in-house vs. outsourcing)
  • Tips on how to bring visibility to post-M&A intellectual property concerns during the M&A planning process

If you have any questions, please contact Amber at ahalteman@dennemeyer.com