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Please fill in the form below to view the Webinar on the topic: The Application of Patent Analytics - how patent analytics can be applied to generate added value for your organization.  

Jointly organized by Licensing Executives Society (LES) Singapore and the Dennemeyer Group, our speakers will present and discuss different aspects of patent analytics including:

  • Reinventing the Role of Patent Analytics
  • Business Impact of IP Analytics
  • The Technical Aspect of Patent Analytics

Meet our panel speakers:

round-portraits-oliviaKoentjoro Dr. Olivia Koentjoro
Director of IP Analytics Center of Excellence
Applied Materials
round-portraits-pthakre Parag Thakre
Managing Director, India
Dennemeyer Group
round-portraits-mpoetzl-1 Dr. Matthias Pötzl
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Dennemeyer Octimine
Lionel Tan Lionel Tan
Licensing Executives Society (LES) Singapore

Dr. Dallas Wilkinson
Regional Managing Director APAC
Dennemeyer Group
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