Reaching net zero with IP

Intellectual Property (IP) is likely already your most valuable asset, but did you know it can also be a useful tool to help your company reach its net zero target?

IP can be an unexpectedly effective tool and a good information source to improve your impact on the environment, enhance your engagement with social issues and strengthen your corporate governance.



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"How can IP work toward sustainability?"

Increasingly, sustainability targets are not just desirable but necessary. Enacting your IP to help you meet these obligations is itself a boost to your progress, but there are many other benefits.

Uncover how IP can promote, improve and support the development of “green” value drivers. 

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"Our stakeholders say we must become more sustainable. How and where do we start?"

Once you have completed your IP portfolio assessment, you will be able to distinguish "green" value drivers and "dirty" value inhibitors. Based on the evaluation results, you can update your IP and business strategy to foster the "green" and drop the "dirty."

Discover what to do with the "dirty" portfolio items and how to monetize them. 

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"What are some of the challenges of using IP to reach net zero?"

More and more companies across all industries are taking notice of net zero targets, yet many still feel at a loss as to how they can best actuate their portfolios. While every organization's situation is very specific, we address the most common questions to demonstrate some of the practicalities involved with using IP to contribute to sustainability.

Find out what difficulties lie ahead and how to meet them. 

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