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The DIAMS iQ story

You may know Dennemeyer as a comprehensive IP service provider since 1962, but that is not all: in order to provide the best service to our customers, we have developed over the years a highly innovative and secure IP management software for our staff and customers alike. DIAMS iQ includes all our best practices and is an invaluable solution for companies and law firms looking to streamline their digital IP management.

Supporting you in every step of your IP life cycle

Smart IP assistance

Discover extensive IP country law & PTO integration with automatic maintenance due date calculations and guided asset creation for all conventions & jurisdictions.

Collaborate efficiently

Introduce workflow rules, automate processes and bring R&D teams, IP teams, clients & external agents together on one platform, even when working remotely. 

Get the full picture

Organize your IP rights, costs, actions and documents in a central hub, and create reports & dashboards that enable smart data-driven decisions.

SG all in one
All-in-one solution

Manage all IP aspects in one system with dedicated modules for matters, document management, contacts & correspondence, invoicing, costs  & more directly in your IP software 

Modern software for IP experts

Digitalization already opened many opportunities for automation & collaboration tools and is also becoming a standard for corporate R&D, brand owners, law firms and IP departments managing patents, trademarks or design portfolios and working with people outside their team. DIAMS iQ was built by IP professionals for IP professionals.
The application combines specific IP teams' requirements in a versatile & intuitive software suite, emphasizing workflow, docketing, analytics and reporting tools, streamlining IP management tasks, digitalizing the invention disclosure process and enabling efficient collaboration for increased productivity, even when working remotely.

A 360° intuitive solution for all stakeholders

Corporate ecosystem

A smart assistant freeing up your team 

Organize all IP aspects centrally
& enable remote working

Reduce time pressure
& avoid missed due dates

Ensure data accuracy
& eliminate docketing mistakes

Tailored to your needs

Software adjusting to your business

DIAMS iQ is a modern, well-structured and user-friendly software that combines Dennemeyer's detailed IP process & task-handling knowledge with intelligent digital solutions.

Since every IP team works differently, DIAMS iQ comes with numerous options to personalize the workspace to meet your organization's specific needs.


The Dennemeyer advantage

Complete your IP strategy
with software solutions and IP services 

Dennemeyer is your one-stop partner for all IP-related tasks and challenges, perfecting your portfolio management with a broad range of expertise thanks to our experienced global network of local agents, paralegals and attorneys. No matter if you are looking for software to improve your in-house IP management, external expertise or outsourcing tasks - Dennemeyer has a tailored solution for you.

 Bespoke software package

DIAMS iQ is a customizable, complete IP software suite for IP professionals to manage their entire IP life cycle and related matters like domains, licensing & litigations.

The dedicated R&D platform streamlines the invention disclosure process and the  portals for document exchange & progress sharing, brings all stakeholders together on one secured and intuitive system.


Services perfecting your IP strategy

Experience the full range of Dennemeyer's IP services supporting you in various aspects like filing, docketing, IP strategy, litigations, renewal payments, law firm services and more.

Outsource IP tasks to our global IP expert network to relieve your team, gain expertise, and get professional assistance in all IP areas and discover our useful integrations with DIAMS iQ.

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