Trademark Filing Services

Protect your brand with confidence 

Filing a trademark application allows the protection of your business before it's even established. Employing professional support will help your business develop fast without the administrative burden and high cost. Dennemeyer will take care of the Trademark Filing process, and deal with any subsequent problems that might arise.

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  • Worldwide filing through an audited agent network  
  • Same-day bulk filings in multiple jurisdictions
  • Budget security with cost estimates for the complete process
  • Legal and strategic advice and fulfillment of formalities 



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Benefit from a global full-service provider

Dennemeyer & Associates is a leading international IP law firm that specializes in the strategic protection of patents, trademarks and designs. By partnering with us to manage your trademarks, your organization gains access to our global reach, quick filings, regular updates on the status of your pending registrations and the full bandwidth of support that only a full-service provider can offer. 

Filing a trademark application with the assistance of our IP experts

  • Mitigates the likelihood of rejection or future opposition
  • Enables you to focus on developing your business without the hassle of regional particulars
  • Manages any problems that might arise after your marks have been appropriately registered
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Dennemeyer manages your brand in six easy steps 

Trademark filing
Prosecution & opposition
Competitor monitoring
Enforcement + litigation
Trademark Renewals
Trademark Recordals
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Avoid the risk of worldwide Trademark applications 

There are many options for filing a trademark, domestically, regionally or internationally, through the WIPO. Our experienced lawyers will advise you of the most efficient way to obtain suitable protection at the best price in any jurisdiction, even if you need true global coverage for your valuable trademarks and service marks.

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Trademark protection

Dennemeyer offers comprehensive protection and strategic legal advice for your trademark portfolios across the world and in all global markets. We cover all aspects, from international trademark registration and portfolio management to conflict resolution and enforcement.

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Trademark filing

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Trademark monitoring

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Digitalization has captured the world of trademarks, but today, it is imperative to combine online marketing with the right domain name. Stake your claim in the virtual universe so that your brands and trademarks receive the digital awareness that they deserve.

  • Registrations and renewals
  • Legal advice and negotiation of purchasing agreements
  • Representation in disputes (court actions and UDRP procedures and transfer or deletion of infringing domains
  • Trademark Clearinghouse registrations, claims service 
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Companies sometimes change their name, and more often than not, IP rights are sold. Either way, it is crucial to keep the IP offices up to date to be able to make use of the rights. But complex administration in different countries is time-consuming and can often result in lapses.

  • Qualified, multilingual IP professionals with proven global expertise
  • Transparent pricing and cost efficiency thanks to streamlined workflows and economies of scale
  • Simplicity! One gateway for over 180 jurisdictions
  • Signature-ready powers of attorney and standard forms 
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Trademark Filing

Filing a trademark application allows for the protection of your business before it's even established. Employing professional support will help your trademark develop fast without you having to worry about it. Dennemeyer will take care of the trademark filing process, and deal with any subsequent issues that might arise.

  • Competitive pricing due to high volume of cases handled and direct representation
  • Same-day bulk filings in multiple jurisdictions
  • Budget security with cost estimates for the complete process
  • Legal and strategic advice and fulfillment of formalities
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Trademark Monitoring

Watch your competitors and be on the lookout for possible trademark infringements. We monitor the global applications of identical or similar trademarks, advise you on the appropriate steps and be ready to take immediate action if needed.

  • Worldwide monitoring of new applications, free for 6 months
  • Legal advice on possible oppositions
  • Domain name monitoring
  • Brand Monitoring, e.g online, customs, etc. 
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A Full-Service Provider

When you choose Dennemeyer as your full-service provider in brand extension, you benefit from all the advantages of an in-house solution as well as the expertise of our experts, and attractive rates.

We create a partnership and offer brand management services beyond brand extension.

We will be happy to advise you on transcription projects, data validation, data exchange, software, and docketing offers to support your digitization process.

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