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Upcoming Dennemeyer events and webinars

Have a look at our upcoming events and webinars. Meet our colleagues all over the world, listen to interesting speakers and sign up for webinars.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Meet us at the following events, and do not miss our speaker sessions.

logo marques

Marques Annual Conference
Madrid, Spain | September 20-23, 2022

Vanja Nedimovic, Trademark and Design Attorney, Dennemeyer & Associates
Anna Falter, Head of Trademark Prosecution, Dennemeyer & Associates

logo Paperjam Club

Workshop @ Paperjam Club
Luxembourg | September 22, 2022

IP, GreenTech and Sustainability

Inès Garlantezec, Trademark and Design Attorney, Dennemeyer & Associates
Pauline Vallortigara, Trademark and Design Attorney, Dennemeyer & Associates
Dr. Mathieu Buchkremer, Patent Engineer, Dennemeyer & Associates

logo ficpi-1

FICPI World Congress
Cannes, France | September 25-29, 2022

Dirk Kromm, Managing Director Patents & Trademarks Munich,
Dennemeyer & Associates

PTMG logo

PTMG Autumn Conference
Lisbon, Portugal | October 5 - 8, 2022

Tomislav Hadzija, Trademark Attorney, European Patent Attorney, Dennemeyer & Associates Croatia

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The IP Strategy Summit
Palo Alto, CA, US | October 11, 2022  

Speaker topic: Effectively Managing your International Patent Portfolio

Victoria Friedman

Kim Swanson and Stephen Goff


WTR Live
New York, NY, US | October 20, 2022  

Victoria Friedman, Christine McCabe, Nicole Scherman, Christopher Niles

IPBC Asia 2022

Tokyo, Japan | October 31 - November 2, 2022

Meet the team:
Hirofumi Hino, Managing Director, Japan
Jens Martin, Managing Director, Southeast Asia
Yoshihiro Hasegawa, Head of Business Development, Japan
Yoshifumi Kamioka, Head of Patent Renewals, Japan
Po Yao Hsu, Business Development Manager, Taiwan

Lake Tahoe, CA, US | November 6-8, 2022  

Speaker topic: Growing Beyond Borders with Foreign Filings - Best Practices in 2022

Victoria Friedman

Stephen Goff and Nicole Scherman


The IP Strategy Summit
New York, US | November 15, 2022  

Speaker topic: Effectively Managing your International Patent Portfolio

Victoria Friedman

Nicole Scherman, Ephraim Gal, and Matt Coyle

logo inta

INTA Leadership meeting
Miami, United States | November 15-18, 2022

Deborah Brincat, Key Account Manager, France

ipsw_logo_slogan (1)

IP Service World
Munich, Germany | November 21-22, 2022

Speakers and attendees to be defined!


Strategic Aerospace Seminar
Massy, France | December 1st, 2022

Strategic introduction by Dennemeyer Octimine



Register for our next webinars, and do not miss the chance to learn from our experts.


Patent Analysis:
A step-by-step approach for business-relevant insights

Understanding your own and 3rd party patent portfolios is essential for good strategic IP management. The analysis of large patent portfolios requires different approaches compared to legal attorney opinions provided for a limited number of cases only.

What we discussed

  • Why is patent portfolio analysis key?
  • Stepwise approach – a journey from observations to business insights
  • Landscaping
  • Advanced analytics
  • True insights & benchmarks
Recorded Webinar

IP for Technology Startups

Intellectual Property for technology startups is a critical area for success.

If you are a startup enthusiast, entrepreneur or an investor, then this webinar will provide insights and practical tips on how startups can create and protect IP to maximise value and attract investors.

Hear from our experienced panel which includes a successful investor, two thriving startup companies, and an experienced industry consultant.

What we discussed

  • IP Relevance
  • IP Creation
  • IP Strategy & Management
  • IP Monetisation
  • Investor's Advice
Recorded Webinar

How Intellectual Property contributes to your sustainability goals

Find out how to make IP a sustainability driver in your organization, get new leverage in raising IP awareness based on the importance of sustainability and learn how to raise your IP’s value by emphasizing its impact.

What we discussed

  • What is sustainability? How does IP contribute to it?
  • How to foster sustainable innovations
  • How to shape a sustainable IP portfolio
  • How to run a sustainable IP organization
  • How to maximize IP value through sustainability


Expand your VIP journey by accessing a wealth of pre-recorded webinars 

From discussing growing trends in AI to exploring patent portfolio analyses, we got you covered with a catalog of webinars and panel discussions.

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The evolution of an IP manager

Who is this new IP manager needed to comprehensively manage organizations' IP and tackle the challenges that come with IP's growing weight? Dr. Cornelia Peuser and Alexander Gangnus break down and discuss these facets and what "languages" need to be spoken to interpret and address them.

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