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Upcoming Dennemeyer events and webinars

Have a look at our upcoming events and webinars. Meet our colleagues all over the world, listen to interesting speakers and sign up for webinars.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Meet us at the following events, and do not miss our speaker sessions.

ETAuto 2024

ETAuto Connected Vehicle Summit '24
Delhi, India | February 15, 2024

This is a conference where knowledge meets action, and innovation paves the road ahead. It aims to navigate the challenges, accelerate innovation, and drive the future of connected vehicles together.

Parag Thakre, Managing Director
Gaurav Giri, Business Development Manager
LES Thailand

LES Thailand Annual Conference
Bangkok, Thailand | February 16, 2024

Join industry leaders at LES Thailand's Annual Conference to explore the current trends and future trajectory of IP licensing.

Alice Razon, Business Development Manager
AUTM Annual Meeting 2024

AUTM Annual Meeting 
San Diego, CA | Feb 18-21, 2024

Kim Swanson, Head of Commercial- Americas
Tanner Webb, Business Development Manager 
Carol Jinks, Business Development Manager
EV Update Maharashtra Summit 2024

EV Update Maharashtra Summit 2024
Pune, India | February 22, 2024

Maharashtra Edition of India's Biggest Electric Vehicles and Battery Industry Business Conference series powered by EV Update Media.

Parag Thakre, Managing Director
Global Legal ConfEx Singapore 2024

Global Legal ConfEx
Singapore | February 20, 2024

This conference provides a platform for legal professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the legal industry. The topics covered at the event will include digital transformation, data privacy, e-discovery, contract management, and litigation.

Jonathan Khoo, Business Development Manager

ASEAN IPA Annual General Meeting & Conference
Jakarta, Indonesia | March 1-2, 2024

The theme this year is "Rising to the challenges of the digital era - ASEAN perspectives", which offers opportunity to exchange insights on the rising challenges, trends, and developments in this rapidly digitalized world.
Alice Razon, Business Development Manager
Jonathan Khoo, Business Development Manager

LESANZ 50th Anniversary Conference
Sydney, Australia | March 6-8, 2024

LESANZ celebrates 50th anniversary this year with this milestone event. Under the theme "Connecting People and IP: Past, Present, and Future", this conference will provide immersive experience filled with insightful workshops, extensive networking opportunities beginning with the traditional cocktail party, and a memorable dinner on Sydney Harbour, concluding with post drinks before departing. 
Geordie Oldfield, Patent and Trademark Attorney
Paul Robu, Business Development Manager
Logo Global IP Exchange Europe

Global IP Exchange Europe
Düsseldorf, Germany | March 11-12, 2024

Burkhard Josuhn-Kadner, Senior Manager IP Consulting
Herbert Schmidt, Senior Business Development Manager
vpp logo

VDI/VPP Seminar
Düsseldorf, Germany | March 19-20, 2024

Markus Meiler, Head of Business Development CEEME
Zeynep Aydin-Reis, Senior Business Development Manager
Herbert Schmidt, Senior Business Development Manager

IPTA Annual Conference
Canberra, Australia | March 20-22, 2024

This year's conference highlights include presentation by David Gooder, Commissioner of Trademarks at the USPTO who will speak on the issue of unqualified agents and the integrity of the US IP system. Keynote presentations by Xero Limited and Federal Court of Australia, as well as panel discussions covering AI and IP in the Agriculture sector. 
Geordie Oldfield, Patent and Trademark Attorney
Paul Robu, Business Development Manager
unifab logo

European Intellectual Property Forum
Paris, France | March 21-22, 2024

Guillaume Ouvrieu, Managing Director France
Deborah Brincat, Key Account Manager

ABA-IPL Section Annual Meeting 
Bethesda, MD | April 17-19, 2024

Kim Swanson, Head of Commercial - Americas 
Doug Monson, Business Development Manager
IP Leadership Executive

IP Leadership Executive  
San Jose, CA | April 24-25, 2024

Kim Swanson, Head of Commercial - Americas 
Victoria Friedman, Managing Director Associates - US
Carol Jinks, Business Development Manager
Nicole Scherman, Senior BD Manager

AUTM Regional Meeting - Canada  
Toronto, ON | April 30-May 1, 2024

Kim Swanson, Head of Commercial - Americas 
Ephraim Gal, Business Development Manager
INTA 2024 logo

INTA Annual Meeting 
Atlanta, USA | May 18-22,2024

Further details following!
Meet us at booth #827!
PIUG General Logo

PIUG Joint Annual and Biotechnology Conference  
Chicago, IL | May 5-9, 2024

Kim Swanson, Head of Commercial - Americas 
Tanner Webb, Business Development Manager
IPBC Global Official

IPBC Global  
San Francisco, CA | June 10-12, 2024

Matthew Coyle, Business Development Manager
Carol Jinks, Business Development Manager
Nicole Scherman, Senior BD Manager


Register for our next webinars, and do not miss the chance to learn from our experts.

Unitary Patent & UPC

Are you ready for the sunrise period? Preparing for Unitary Patent & UPC

The three-month sunrise period preceding the entry into force of the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC) is planned for March 2023 and provides a cushion to prepare for this significant change. In this webinar, our experts give you more insights about your options:

What we discussed

  • Overview of the upcoming changes the UPC brings
  • Presentation of how Dennmeyer can support you
  • Answers to questions asked by livewebinar participants
Patent Analysis

Patent Analysis:
A step-by-step approach for business-relevant insights

Understanding your own and 3rd party patent portfolios is essential for good strategic IP management. The analysis of large patent portfolios requires different approaches compared to legal attorney opinions provided for a limited number of cases only.

What we discussed

  • Why is patent portfolio analysis key?
  • Stepwise approach – a journey from observations to business insights
  • Landscaping
  • Advanced analytics
  • True insights & benchmarks

How Intellectual Property contributes to your sustainability goals

Find out how to make IP a sustainability driver in your organization, get new leverage in raising IP awareness based on the importance of sustainability and learn how to raise your IP’s value by emphasizing its impact.

What we discussed

  • What is sustainability? How does IP contribute to it?
  • How to foster sustainable innovations
  • How to shape a sustainable IP portfolio
  • How to run a sustainable IP organization
  • How to maximize IP value through sustainability


Expand your VIP journey by accessing a wealth of pre-recorded webinars 

From discussing growing trends in AI to exploring patent portfolio analyses, we got you covered with a catalog of webinars and panel discussions.

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Explore our Dennemeyer PODCAST

Future IP management: a story of IP transformation
with Aron Dag Schermaul, General Counsel at tesa and Brigitte Baldi, Senior Manager at Dennemeyer Consulting

Being innovative – and competitive – means never standing still. But breaking old habits and adapting to new processes and technologies can seem like an added burden. The truth is another story: An IP transformation project can be faster – and easier – than you might expect. Join us for a first-hand account of how to shake up your IP function and the impact it can have on the future of your IP management.

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