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Custom Performance Dashboards

  • Enable more informed decisions
  • Oversee your portfolio at a glance
  • Detect opportunities and risks
  • Fully customized for you by our experts
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Visualize your portfolio performance on meaningful dashboards, gain insights on trends and opportunities and create valuable reports in no time!

Upgrade your IP reporting with dynamic live dashboards

Various chart types and custom metrics
Automatic daily
dashboard updates
Filters to zoom into specific aspects
Custom branding and color schemes

See your portfolio data from a different angle
Translate information stored in DIAMS iQ into meaningful charts

  • Visualize milestone dates, IP right information, matters and cost items
  • Filter or aggregate data by various parameters such as entities or categories
  • Drill into more granular levels or filter the dashboard to view only specific aspects
  • Discover a wide range of chart types and display options
  • Download data, images or dashboards to create meaningful presentations in no time
Cost dashboard sample
Matter dashboard sample

Explore your portfolio performance and detect opportunities
Aggregate data, calculate averages and visualize trends

  • Perform custom calculations like the time from filing to grant per jurisdiction or the number of IP rights per team member
  • Aggregate IP rights per jurisdiction, local agent and more
  • View your filing activity and upcoming expiries by business line
  • Analyze the costs per jurisdiction and lifecycle stage
  • Observe your teams productivity and other headcount metrics

Coming soon: Analyze the impact of your IP rights on your business
Cross-analyze your portfolio data with other data sources

  • Analyze the revenue generated with IP related products or license agreements 
  • View the total impact on costs by adding for example supply chain costs to your analysis
  • Plug in public data to analyze your markets (eg. GDP, search trends, car registrations etc.)
  • Consume PTO data and view filing trends per sector or applicant

Our dashboards can combine data from DIAMS with the most common CRMs, ERPs, numerous office applications and database formats

Verify if our IP Analysis tools are compatible with systems used in your business.

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A new way of status update reporting

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